Extraordinary Tours of Bordeaux


Have you ever dreamed of visiting the south of France and the beautiful wine country but just didn’t know where to go or what to see? Well, June can help you with this trip and take you and a group of up to 10 persons on a customized trip to the Bordeaux region. From A to Z she will help you in the planning and realization of this fabulous trip.

We provide personalized tours to Bordeaux, France

The wine region is composed of 5 separate areas and June has spent a huge amount of time learning about each area and getting to know the local wine makers and she can take you to some of the more exclusive vineyards in the various areas as well. There will be plenty of cultural sites to see as well as the quaint village along the way.

Bordeaux is “the wine capital of the world”

The countryside is breathtaking but Bordeaux center is a jewel of it’s own right. Just strolling around the city center and it’s 18th-century style buildings and you will discover this city and it’s beautiful transition to a modern European city. The city calls itself “the wine capital of the world” which many experts agree on. Also inside the city are many squares to just sit and relax and people watch. Victor Hugo’s description of this great city is “Take Versailles, add Antwerp, and you have Bordeaux”.

Our tours of Bordeaux overview

The tour lasts a week with several days in a beautiful hotel in Bordeaux center and then a nice relaxing few days in the countryside at the beautiful Chateau Smith Lafitte hotel Les Source de Caudalie. Here you can take a beautiful bike ride through the wine country or take a day in the luxurious spa and just relax and soak in all the wonderful images that this area of France will open up to you.

Enjoy an array of images from one of our recent visits to the Bordeaux region. Click on images below to allow you to visualize yourself touring, sipping wines, and experiencing France with me.

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